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How to Save Time and Money Using a Registered BAS Agent

Click here Use a Registered BAS Agent now and take advantage of:

  1. Timely and accurate bookkeeping

  2. Extended ATO deadlines for BAS lodgements

  3. Be protected by the ATO safe harbour clauses

  4. Assistance with dealing with the ATO-negotiating Payment plans.

Some new small business owners are under the mistaken impression that hiring a freelance bookkeeper costs too much money. They think that just because they have accounting software, that they can save money by either doing it themselves or by having someone like a spouse do it for them. You don’t want to make this mistake with your business, as it usually can cost you more in the end. Talk to any accountant and they’ll tell you horror stories of accounting records that they’ve had to sort out because the client tried to do the books themselves. They’ll also tell you that this ended up charging the client thousands more than it would have if the books had been done correctly by a competent bookkeeper in the first place. So how can you save money when you hire a Registered BAS Agent? To begin with, make sure that your paperwork is neatly sorted. You should at minimum, have your paperwork sorted by month. If you want to save even more money, group each month’s paperwork by category: bank statements, sales receipts, invoices, credit card receipts, etc. The more you can sort this out in advance the more money you can save with your bookkeeper. Another way you can save money is by respecting your bookkeeper’s time. Your bookkeeper is generally paid by the hour and time is money. So make sure you keep your conversations brief and to the point and you’ll end up saving money at month end when your bill is produced. A Registered BAS Agent can also save you money by reminding you when important remittances, such as taxes are due. Let’s face it; you’re busy running your business, so it’s very easy to forget important deadlines. This can cost you money as the government tends to impose hefty penalties when taxes are remitted late. Your bookkeeper should have a system in place to ensure that important dates are taken care of, which frees you to run your business. So make sure you keep these points in mind if you’re considering taking care of your bookkeeping yourself. You’ll save time and money. The BAS Agency is a Perth based business and Registered BAS Agent that provides quality bookkeeping and financial training on a face to face basis to the whole of Australia. By utilizing a combination of personal visits, and various remote and cloud based services we can complete your accounts at our place or yours. We use all the main accounting packages including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Reckon. At the BAS Agency, we utilise the latest communication tools to ensure that we complete your accounts while still retaining that personal touch. It is essential to us that we maintain an ongoing business relationship with all of our clients that helps you best manage your finances on a daily basis. We have serviced a large number of clients whose needs range from requiring our full time attention to quarterly assistance. Every one of our clients is important to us and that is why we enjoy helping them take care of business. Our pricing includes both fixed price and hourly rate - contact us for a quote now at Why not engage the BAS Agency to provide your BAS Agent services and take advantage of our special BAS Express service. $250 Bas lodgement (including up to 3 hours of bookkeeping)

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