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The Sky is not the limit, Bookkeeping future is in the clouds

It goes without saying that there are several major benefits offered by using software packages such as MYOB or Quickbooks for your accounts. Perhaps computers have made accounting so easy that an extensive knowledge of the manual accounting process has become redundant? Xero is a cloud accounting software package with a plethora of benefits to both the accountant and the business. The BAS Agency is proudly a user of Xero to simplify the process for ourselves and, more importantly, our valued clients. Perhaps the integration of bank feeds, very low startup fees and the regular data backups is enough to woo the affection of any financial systems fanatic? I’d definitely say so! We strongly believe at The BAS Agency that the best feature of using cloud accounting systems is the ability to have real time collaboration and liaison with our clients. We aim to create an open dialogue with our clients to allow business decisions to better reflect the real time financials. Xero allows us to do this and is particularly beneficial for clients who wish to have more control over their finances. The concept of the cloud is not without its enemies. Despite some apprehensions, cloud systems would not be gaining such popularity as a bank-integrated platform if security was compromised as a consequence. The BAS Agency is also a MYOB professional partner and can handle your books on MYOB which supports both cloud and non-cloud. If you want your business to feel the benefits of having the BAS Agency on your side call 6262 8704 or now for a business partner that is more efficient, professional and can help you help your business.

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