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Why should I hire a local bookkeeper?

When choosing a local bookkeeper for your business, you have to be very careful. Remember that you are giving this person access to your finances. You have to establish two things before hiring a freelance bookkeeper: knowledge and trustworthiness. In Australia, bookkeepers must be registered if they are going to be lodging your BAS Returns to the ATO or providing a BAS service. You can check with the Tax Practitioner’s Board at to make sure your bookkeeper is a Registered BAS Agent and what constitutes a BAS Service. Choosing a bookkeeper can feel like a gamble because you are leaving your sensitive financial matters in another person’s hands. That’s not easy to do, but since you can’t handle all your company’s responsibilities yourself without compromise, it’s necessary. The good thing about a local bookkeeper is that you can easily gather information about them. Background checks are crucial to learning about a bookkeeper’s reputation. It’s a good idea to look for a bookkeeper who has letters of references or testimonials. This can help to ensure that you hire a dependable, honest and efficient freelancer. It will give you more peace of mind hearing other people’s opinions of the bookkeeper, rather than just taking the bookkeeper’s word for it. Another good thing about hiring a local bookkeeper is reliability. You can be sure that your freelance bookkeeper will get your work done in a timely manner. They are business people too and understand important deadlines. Not all business owners know every aspect of their business, especially when it comes to their finances. Keeping track of these records just eats too much of their time, which is why they gladly hand them over to bookkeepers. They rely on the expertise of experienced bookkeepers and also trust that they will keep their records confidential. Reliability, efficiency and trustworthiness can be found in a freelance local bookkeeper. So don’t hesitate to find one today to help you with your bookkeeping needs. The BAS Agency Pty Ltd is a small bookkeeping agency which is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board. All of our bookkeepers hold a minimum Cert IV in bookkeeping and have regular police clearance updates. All of our work is covered by the Australian Taxation Office safe harbour clause which means we are liable for errors made with your BAS lodgement. We also have professional indemnity insurance. Our office is located in Hamersley but we provide services to the entire Perth Metropolitan Area. We provide flexibility to our customers by giving them the option of us working from either our own office in Hamersley or our client’s offices, whether they be large inner city offices, or home offices. The BAS Agency can help with all of your bookkeeping and business training needs. We also supply training and assistance for software packages such as Xero and MYOB, as well as business set up so that you can focus on your business and make valuable business decisions. For more information on the BAS Agency Pty Ltd, go to our website at:

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